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Jumat, 16 Maret 2018

Facebook Frame - Happy Silent Day 2018

Nyepi Day is celebrated every year New Caka (the turn of the year Caka). That is on the day of Tilem Kesanga (IX) which is the day of purification of Gods in the center of the ocean carrying the core of living water (Tirtha Amertha Kamandalu). For that Hindus do sacred worship of the Gods.

The main purpose of Nyepi Day is to ask God Almighty, to sanctify Bhuwana Alit (human nature) and Great Bhuwana (universe). The series of Nyepi Day celebrations are as follows:

1. Tawur (Pecaruan), Frying, and Melasti.

The day before Nyepi, on the "panglong ping 14 sasih kesanga" of Hindus performing the Butha Yadnya ceremony at the crossroads and the environment of each house, by taking one of the "Caru" types according to his ability. Bhuta Yadnya are each named; Panca Sata (small), Panca Sanak (medium), and Tawur Agung (big).

Tawur or update itself is the purification / pemarisudha Bhuta Kala, and all 'leteh' (dirty), may be all siren.

Caru held in each house consists of; nasi manca warna (lima color) amounted to 9 tanding / package, side dish pauknya brumbun chicken (colorful) accompanied tetabuhan arak / tuak. Bhuta Yadnya is addressed to the Bhuta Raja, Bhuta Kala and Bhatara Kala, by asking them not to disturb the people.

After mecaru followed by the ceremony pengerupukan, namely: spread the rice tawur, mengobori-obori home and the entire yard, sprinkle the house and yard with mesui, and hit any objects (usually kentongan) to sound noisy / rowdy. This stage is done to expel Bhuta Kala from home environment, yard, and environment.

Especially in Bali, on this screw is usually enlivened with ogoh-ogoh parade which is the embodiment of Bhuta Kala which is paraded around the neighborhood, and then burned. The same goal is to expel Bhuta Kala from the surrounding environment.

Furthermore, Melasti is carried away all the lethargy (dirty) to the sea, as well as purify "pretima". Conducted in the sea, because the sea (Segara) is considered as a source of Tirtha Amertha (Dewa Ruci, and Pemuteran Mandaragiri). No later than Tilem afternoon, the study was over.

2. Nyepi

Keesoka day, which is on "panglong ping 15" (Tilem Kesanga), came Nyepi Day. On this day, a Nyepi fasting called the Cess Beratha Penyepian consists of; observe geni (do not fire / do not use and or turn on fire), observe works (do not work), observe the crane (not traveling), and observe the auction (not listening to entertainment). Beratha is done since before sunrise.

According to Hindus, all things that are transitional, always preceded by dark symbols. For example, a baby will turn into a child (1 oton / 6 months), this emblem embodied with 'matekep guwungan' (closed chicken sift). Women who switch from childhood to adulthood (Ngeraja Sewala), the ceremony is preceded by ngekep (dipingit).

Thus for the new age, a newborn, which actually begins with a new white page. To start life in caka / tahun barupun, this base is used, so there is a period of observation geni.

What is more important than the birth symbols (observe geni), in accordance with Lontar Sundari Gama is whiten to cleanse the heart, and that is a must for Hindus.

Every learned person (the wruhing tatwa dnjana) carries out; Bharata (curb of lust), yoga (connecting the soul with paramatma (God), tapa (endurance training), and samadhi (unity to God / Ida Sang Hyang Widhi).

All that becomes a must for Hindus, so will have the inner readiness to face every challenge of life in the new year. The habit of celebrating the Feast day by spree, gambling, drunkenness is something of a wrong habit and must be changed.

3. Shoot Geni (Fire Shoot)

The last of the celebration of Nyepi Day is Ngembak Geni day which falls on ping pisan (1) sasih kedasa (X). On this day the new year Caka begins. Hindus bersilahturahmi with big families and neighbors, forgive each other forgive (ksama), each other.

With a new atmosphere, new life will begin with a clean white heart. So if the year of Christ ends every December 31 and the new year begins January 1, then the year Caka ends at panglong ping limolas (15) sasih kedasa (X), and the new year begins on 1 sasih kedasa (X).

These are Facebook Frames, you can use it to your facebook profile, good trying and good luck! thanks a lot


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